Milan Street Style

milan street style

Buongiorno Cats,

Today I shot this beautiful woman : Mira Duma. Incredibly stylish in her very Italian striped outfit ! For those of you who don’t know who this Cat is, here’s a little info : Miroslava Duma was an editor for Harper Baazar’s Russia and now she’s a free lance writer for numerous publications. Basically, she’s a Fashion Icon internationally know for her amazing style. Mjaooo !




Milano Street Style

the sartorialistthe sartorialist


Let’s face it – it’s Friday night and I’m already half drunk tipsy. Too much champagne on the flight.

I’ve just landed in Milano and now I’m off to a Fashion party ! Dressed in a vintage fabulous Prada dress.

Here are my 2 street style shots of today, it seems like pink is the color this season here in Milano. These cats looks amazing,don’t they !?